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BJJ Flowcharts

Add technology to your arsenal by making the most of the revolutionary online BJJ Flowcharts tool! Create BJJ flowcharts, add notes based on your individualized needs and preferences, and save them so that you can refer back to them in the future. This is the smartest way to evolve your BJJ game!


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counterpressure hooks by Raoul Audhoe thumbnail
Counterpressure Hooks By Raoul Audhoe

Raoul Audhoe

12 videos 1 hour

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Foundations of nogi grappling by Corey Guitard thumbnail
Foundations of NoGi: Theories & Concepts

Corey Guitard

58 videos 2 hours 30 minutes

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Intro to Back Attacks

Corey Guitard

29 videos 2 hours

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Leg Pummel Passing

Frank Rosenthal

25 videos 2 hours

Buy $64.95


To build a BJJ flowchart, you start with a situation, dilemma, or problem, and that anchor branches out to different potential options. Those options can branch out to even more options, and your jiu jitsu flowchart begins to take shape as you organize your game. This approach to learning jiu jitsu emphasizes on identifying problems and finding solutions. To learn more about how to use our flowchart tool, download this step by step guide.


Beginner flowcharts

Beginner bjj flowcharts will simply scratch the surface of different positions, and will tend to be less specific regarding anchors and reactions.

Advanced flowcharts

Advanced bjj flowcharts tend to be much more specific, with handfuls of reactions and counters available from situations white belts didn’t even know existed!


Current deficiencies

First, you need to notice when there are problematic situations that you don’t have solutions to when rolling. If you can’t find a fix for this problem, go watch some high-level matches. When you find a grappler who has the solutions to your problems, you will know who to study. You can now watch that grappler’s instructional videos to learn even more about the systems you are having trouble with. Take this new information, practice it in training and then incorporate it into your flowchart.

Future deficiencies (Elite)

If you are watching high-level organization and notice a trend that makes grapplers successful, it’s time to look for these instructional videos. By learning the techniques that are successful at the highest level, it’s like investing in problem solving that you don’t have yet, but probably will in the future. From there, you need to organize the information in the instruction based on what you will use first and most often, and branch out from there. Once you determine how to solve it, you have another branch on your tree.

Elevate your game in 3 steps

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You will then have access to the flowchart pages, accessible from the menu, which will allow you to create and manage your flowcharts.

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To get the most out of flowcharts, it is important to study and refine them as you evolve as a grappler.

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“I recommend these videos to all experience levels!”

Corey is a high-level athlete and a fantastic teacher. This course is well-structured, clear, and insightful – I would recommend these videos to grapplers of all experience levels!

Evan Bishop

Brown belt

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“This course is brilliant. ”

This course is brilliant. Corey lays out the core principles and makes them easy to understand.

Anton K.

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“Clear and complete explanation.That course is perfect!”

Clear and complete explanation. I need to understand the principles of BJJ and that course is perfect !

Marianne B.

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