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Counterpressure Hooks

In this instructional, we will be demonstrating how to use the counterpressure hooks, when to use it, and how it can help you control the opponent’s leg, stay safe on bottom position, and eventually help you set your sweeps and leg attacks.

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Counterpressure Hooks By Raoul Audhoe

By understanding the essence of counterpressure hooks and the utility of combining hooks and frames, you will develop a stronger bottom game, allowing you to stay safe when necessary, while enhancing the quality of your sweeps and leg attacks.

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1. Introduction


2. Hooks and Frames


3. What and Why


4. Reinforcing


5. Back leg

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Raoul Audhoe brown belt

about The Instructor

Raoul Audhoe brown belt

Raoul has over 20 years of Martial arts experience, and has been grappling for over 17 years. At 15 years old he started his martial arts journey with Capoeira. Since then Raoul has trained in several martial arts including kickboxing, boxing, SHOOTO (MMA), BJJ and Sambo. After training MMA for 6 years and fighting several amateur fights, in 2016 Raoul transitioned to solely training and competing in grappling arts. Raoul has competed internationally in grappling tournaments and superfights in the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Italy, Germany, U.S.A. and Canada. By early 2019, after being influenced by Priit Mihkelson (renowned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt instuctor from Estonia) he started to train, develop and teach a more conceptual based approach to jiujitsu, relying less on specific techniques but rather focusing more on proper body posture and overarching concepts that can help obtain a tactical advantage on the mat. In October 2021 Raoul received his BJJ brown belt from Priit Mihkelson. In November 2021 Raoul opened his own grappling and BJJ academy: TRIBE Grappling

Raoul Audhoe

10th Planet Amsterdam

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What our customers say

Rated 5 stars by satisfied grapplers

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“This will have a huge impact on your leg lock game.”

The hooks help me to control my leg lock positions ways better than I was used to. Now I know what to do when people unlock my feet, other than go into a different position and try to get back into their legs. Counterpressure hooks are the answer to that – how to always have options to control the other guy and quickly return to his legs. I also rolled with Raoul and I literally didn’t have a second to catch my balance. He uses the hooks super well to off balance you and then has easier time getting leglocks. This will have a huge impact on your leg lock game. Study it, learn it, use it!

David Havelka

Purple Belt

testimonial quote icon
“A unique weight management system for lower body attacks.”

Raoul got a unique weight management system with his hooks that allow him to engage in lower body attacks without putting himself at risk. Rolling with him was quite interesting as I experienced entrances to legs and angles I’d never felt before.

Arman Fathi

Brown Belt

testimonial quote icon
“Every single time I find myself stuck in his game.”

I’m really intrigued by Raouls footlock attacks, setups and traps. I’ve had the pleasure of rolling with him on several occasions and every single time I find myself stuck in his game.

Bjarni Baldursson

Black Belt