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The goal of this BJJ instructional is to provide you with a conceptual explanation of Jiu Jitsu, a deeper look at the fundamental theories of the art, and a better understanding of the underlying principles that dictate and guide all the moves you learn, be it at the gym or online. This instructional will help you build a foundation of widely applicable knowledge specific to grappling, as well as a key set of skills, upon which you’ll be able to build a formidable and well-organized system of techniques that allow you to optimize your unique approach to Jiu Jitsu.

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Reviews from Satisfied Customers

``Something about the way he words it helped me understand it even better. I thought that was really cool.``

I really like how Corey lays out the most important concepts of grappling. I think this course is a resource for any student. It’s the instructional they will always be able to come back to.

One small example of something that I actually got out of this instructional was the way Corey describes the concept of base. It seems like something I already know, but something about the way he words it helped me understand it even better. I thought that was really cool.

Danny Stolfi

AOJ Black Belt

``In person or online to take advantage of every second you can and write stuff down !``

Corey has been a big influence in my jiu jitsu journey recently, with small yet important and basic fundamental concepts he thoroughly explains, he is able to create creative and technical jiu jitsu thinkers. I would highly recommend that anyone that can learn from Corey in person or online to take advantage of every second you can and write stuff down! I very much look forward to purchasing his instructional and watching it develop my game in many aspects I did not see beforehand.

Rene Sousa

10P Bethlehem Brown belt


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Will studying BJJ instructionals improve my jiu jitsu game?

All of the BJJ instructionals on Jiu Jitsu X Factor are designed to help you level up your ground game. Getting good at jiu jitsu is difficult. Developing a thorough understanding of systems and strategy will enable you to discover and make sense of the many intricacies that define the complex art of grappling.

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Your BJJ instructional will be unlocked on the website as soon as it has been purchased. Likewise, you can also access your new BJJ instructional series from your account settings.

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Absolutely! At the checkout page, simply select the “Gift this” option. From there, you can enter the recipient’s email, a personalized message, and any other important information related to payment.

How many times can I view one of the BJJ instructionals that I purchased?

There is no limit to how many times you can view a BJJ instructional once purchased. Enjoy your BJJ instructional to the fullest and watch it over and over again!

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Corey guitard bjj

Corey Guitard

10th Planet Black Belt

About The Instructor

Corey Guitard is a professional grappler and full-time jiu-jitsu instructor. He is the first black belt under Louis Ho. Corey is an IBJJF No-Gi Pan American champion (Master 1, brown belt), a NAGA World Champion, a Rickson Gracie Cup NY Champion, a FUJI NY Open Champion, a 2x Grappling Industries Absolute Champion and a 2x SAU Absolute Champion.

Despite being a successful competitor, Corey’s true calling is instruction. He has a background in teaching at the university level and he has succeeded in transferring his educational skill set to the mat, where he uses a world-class methodology to teach cutting-edge techniques.

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