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Corey Guitard is a professional grappler and full-time jiu jitsu instructor. He is the first black belt under Louis Ho.

Intro to Back Attacks

How to defend and escape the back control

Principles of back control, grip hierarchies & finishing mechanics

How to expose, secure, maintain, and submit your opponents from the back

How to attack the back VS the turtle, traditional pins, bottom position, and more!

Foundations of NoGi: Theories & Concepts

Develop a Deeper Understanding of Submission Grappling

How to Use Concepts, Theories & Techniques to Build Your Game

Common positional relationship and tools

Alignment and movement principles

Training Tips to Learn BJJ Faster!

Guitard bio

Corey Guitard bio

Mitsuyo Maeda Carlos Gracie Helio Gracie Carlos Gracie Junior Jean Jacques Machado Eddie Bravo Louis Ho Corey Guitard

Corey is a Finishers Sub Only Champion, an IBJJF No-Gi Pan American champion (Master 1, brown belt), a NAGA World Champion, a Rickson Gracie Cup NY Champion, a FUJI NY Open Champion, a 2x Grappling Industries Absolute Champion and a 2x SAU Absolute Champion. Despite being a successful competitor, Corey’s true calling is instruction. He has a background in teaching at the university level and he has succeeded in transferring his educational skill set to the mat, where he uses a world-class methodology to teach cutting-edge techniques.

Corey Guitard bio

What our customers say

Rated 5 stars by satisfied grapplers

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“The teacher, Corey, is simply excellent”

Since the pandemic started, several gyms had to close, including the ones where I train. Being a beginner (white belt), I was looking for online jiu jitsu courses that would vulgarize many key concepts, fundamentals, and techniques of jiu jitsu. I hit the jackpot with this course! The teacher, Corey, is simply excellent. He explains back takes so well in a step-by-step approach. In addition, I strongly believe that a higher level student would also appreciate this course because the teacher adds several interesting key elements that allow you to perfect your jiu jitsu game and take your jiu jitsu to another level. It will also give you a good game plan for when you’ll be back on the mats! Therefore, I highly recommend this course, and I can’t wait to see what other courses Corey offers. Thank you!

Christine F.

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“The way he words it helped me understand it even better.”

I really like how Corey lays out the most important concepts of grappling. I think this course is a resource for any student. It’s the instructional they will always be able to come back to.. One small example of something that I actually got out of this instructional was the way Corey describes the concept of base. It seems like something I already know, but something about the way he words it helped me understand it even better. I thought that was really cool.

Danny Stolfi

AOJ Black Belt

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“This is by far the best jiu jitsu course…”

By far the best jiu jitsu course explaining the foundational principles underpinning the mechanics of the sport. 100% recommended to everyone, no matter your level, style, gi/nogi etc.

Faan R.

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“Really awesome back attack series”

Really awesome back attack series. Corey is a great teacher, he breaks everything down into simple steps and conveys concepts very effectively. You won’t regret getting this.

Michael M.

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“In person or online to take advantage of every second you can!”

Corey has been a big influence in my jiu jitsu journey recently, with small yet important and basic fundamental concepts he thoroughly explains, he is able to create creative and technical jiu jitsu thinkers. I would highly recommend that anyone that can learn from Corey in person or online to take advantage of every second you can and write stuff down! I very much look forward to purchasing his instructional and watching it develop my game in many aspects I did not see beforehand.

Rene Sousa

10P Bethlehem Brown Belt