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Frank Rosenthal is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt, full time instructor, and one of the most active competitors on the current Jitsu scene. He has taught and competed all over the world, and continues to learn from some of the best minds in the sport.

Leg Pummel Passing

This instructional is designed to give you the skills and knowledge for more efficient movement when attacking the guard

Leg pummeling uses a combination of pressure and mobility that is an essential part of the guard passing game.

You will learn the mechanics to skillfully apply these movements as well as the concepts that drive them

Anyone from white-black belt level will be able to benefit from the content in this course

Rosenthal bio

Frank Rosenthal bio

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Frank Rosenthal was born in New City, New York, United States, on October 12, 1990. He began training BJJ in 2009 after a friend introduced him to the gentle art.
Frank began to make waves in the international grappling world as part of the (now disbanded) Danaher Death Squad. 2018 was a breakthrough year for Rosenthal, which saw him become a member of the USA Grappling World Team. In the same year, Rosenthal continued his ascent, picking up championship wins in a number of major events, including KASAI, Onnit Invitational (3 times), and RISE Invitational (twice – in two different weight classes).
Frank is a young, talented grappler who is rising through the ranks in his weight division. Coming from a long lineage of elite martial artists, and having developed his style under the tutelage of John Danaher and the rest of Team Renzo Gracie, we can only expect bright things from Frank’s competitive future!

Frank Rosenthal bio

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“Leg pummeling is paramount to succeed in our sport”

I have had the pleasure of training and learning alongside Frank Rosenthal for many years. He is a technical, intelligent, competitor and teacher, who approaches problems in our sport with a great balance of creativity, rigorous experimentation, and precise execution. The mastery of Leg pommeling, which he has chosen to cover in this course, is paramount to success at the upper levels of our sport, and can result in rapid improvements in training for even rudimentary level students. If you have not been exposed to concepts like this before, I believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much even a small amount of time invested in these lessons will pay off for your understanding and execution of the sport. Also Frankie looks like an absolute smoke show when his shirt is off and you can see his glistening veiny pulsating musculature derived from what I can only imagine to be a mixture of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Zeus himself.

Garry Tonon

Black Belt

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“Everyone will benefit from his detailed instructions”

Frank Rosenthal is one of the most fluid, refined and technical practitioners I’ve come across in Jiu-Jitsu. Having worked with him for many years, I’ve seen up-close his patient, rigorous approach as a student, and how he blends an unusually keen eye for detail with a deep, intelligent understanding of tactics and strategy. This incredibly valuable combination has allowed him to excel as both a practitioner and a competitor; not only that, but he has the rare ability to articulate these elements in a way that’s easy to understand. One of the central challenges all students face in jiu-jitsu is how to separate the valuable elements of practice from unnecessary trivia. Frank has done this exceptionally well in his own grappling over the years – a quality which has allowed him to accelerate his own progress and has made him a sought-after training partner among the best in the world. He is now poised to teach you to do the same. I believe everyone, regardless of level, will benefit from his insights and the detailed instructions he has to offer through this series.

Brian Glick

Black Belt